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Navigating Through Covid-19 (pun intended)

Our first priority is always going to be keeping people safe, both in the mountains and amid a pandemic - it's just another risk to be assessed, managed and addressed sensibly. With a lot of research, consideration and guidance we have adapted our practises to ensure we are staying safe whilst still delivering courses at top standard.

What have we changed and how will it affect you?

  • Deposits are fully refundable - No questions asked. Times are uncertain and we do not want you to have any stress from us in the event of forced unforseen Covid-19 changes in your life.
  • We offer online webinars as an alternative option to sessions indoors, or we have access to outside areas undercover.
  • Where possible we maintain a minimum 1m social distancing outside. This could change route choice or activity choice (e.g. choosing climbing routes with large ledges for belay practise or coaching from the ground with the use of a ghost rope). The options and impact on you will be discussed and agreed in advance.
  • People are asked to travel in vehicles only within their household or household bubble.
  • In the event that we need to travel together facemasks will be provided.
  • If we choose to do an indoor session 2m social distancing will be maintained, or facemasks used.
  • If you need assistance finding recommeded safe accommodation during your course please get in touch.

We have reduced the number of fixed date courses running in 2020 - having spoken to long term clients they are more inclined to book bespoke weekends with friends this year (run at the same cost). Please do have a read through examples of what we offer on the courses page and please don't hesitate to contact us for inspiration or any extra information. More than ever we want to enable your next adventure and get you outdoors.

Rock climbing sea cliff sunset

Far Out Pursuits provide a range of exciting outdoor activities. All of our courses are bespoke and most are based out Snowdonia or Cornwall but we enjoy offering trips all around the UK and abroad. We have an eagerness to share our expertise, create adventures and inspire others through the outdoors.

Our specialisation is getting to know you, to then taylor our activities and make best use of our stunning venues. Our main aim is to design our courses to set you up to succeed and thrive.

The small team of Far Out Pursuits is very highly qualified and experienced, and can offer:

  • All Aspects of Rock Climbing and Mountaineering
  • Bespoke Rock Climbing Trips
  • Coasteering
  • Gorge Scrambling
  • Navigation Skills
  • Mountain Challenges
  • Bushcraft and Survival Skills
  • Charity Event Support

Sally Lisle

Sally Lisle Rock Climbing Instructor

Sally Lisle is the founder of Far Out Pursuits. She found her love of the outdoors at 9 years old when a few days feeling fully immersed in the wilderness convinced her that she could do absolutely anything. Sally has spent the last 20 years working toward making as many other people feel like this as possible. She is a fully qualified rock climbing and mountaineering instructor (MCI) and member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors. She has a first class degree in Sports Science (with Outdoor Activities) from Bangor University and believes in applying sports science theory in Far Out Pursuits courses to make them as meaningful and effective as possible. You will find her articles around the web, such as her article "Playing with Fear" on UKClimbing.com.

Sally Lisle happy rock climber

Association of Mountaineering Instructors

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Enjoy exploring our course offerings below, but please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and chat to us. Every one of our courses is personalised but kept a programmed price. This means that if a course description doesn't quite fit what you've got in mind, it is very easy for us to tweak it.

Everything we do is from sports science background, based on years of experience, attention to detail and a deep care to ensure that each person gets as much as possible out of their time with us.

Phone: 07552433993
Email: info@faroutpursuits.com

rock climbing lead climber

What do you want to do?

Introduction to Rock Climbing

beginner rock climbing

Take your first steps into the world of rock climbing. Let us keep you safe whilst introducing you to joys of smoothly climbing up a cliff face under your own steam.

We keep our course ratios really low 1:4 so, as with all our courses, we will get to know you and taylor the course to focus on what you need. This means it's easy to take on these challenges at your own pace, not being held back or feeling like your holding anyone else up.

A typical course will include:

  • 3 days of climbing
  • Multiple different stunning venues and different rock types
  • Climbing movement coaching
  • Explaination of climbing equipment
  • Gaining an understanding of how to keep yourself and others safe
  • Personalised plan of where climbing can lead you next

Please enquire for dates and further details

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Climbing Confidence Coaching

Sally Lisle Sea Cliff Climbing Confidence

Sally will work closely with each person to ensure you get what you need out of the course. Starting from a sports science background we will work together to help you harness your climbing mind, enhance your performance and fully enjoy your time climbing.

This course can fit a range of people from those just starting out on their rock climbing journey to those pushing their limit on lead in the mountains.

Course will include:

  • 2 days of climbing
  • Exploring the science behind confidence and fear
  • Climbing movement coaching (this will not only help you move with confidence but will increase the connection between your brain and body).
  • Tackling the fear of falling
  • Providing practical personalised strategies to manage your climbing headgame

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Lead Climbing Skills

Learn to lead from scratch or develop existing skills with expert guidance.
What would you like to focus on?

Sport Climbing or Traditional Climbing

Sport Lead Climbing

sport lead climbing in the sun

This is ideal for any climber with some top rope experience who would like to start lead climbing outdoors on single pitch sport routes. During the course we will help you to develop your confidence, movement and all the technical skills you need to become a competent sport lead climber.

The skills you learn on this course will also enable you to lead climb on indoor walls and to start planning your own lead climbing holidays to sunny hot rock destinations. The course can be completed over a weekend in the UK or during a week's holiday in Croatia or Costa Blanca.

Course can include:

  • 3 days of climbing
  • Maximum ratio of 1:4
  • Lead Belaying
  • Cliping technique
  • Using a guide book
  • Climbing calls and communication
  • Threading an anchor
  • Climbing movement coaching
  • Building confidence

Please enquire for dates/locations/duration of these courses

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Traditional Lead Climbing

Rock climbing snowdonia lead climber

This course covers all the basic skills of lead climbing traditional routes, focusing on placing protection and building safe anchors. This will open up your world of climbing so you can start really exploring cliffs with no fixed protection and completely look after yourself.

With a maximum course ratio of 1:3 you can move at your own pace and build on previous experience. Course content will include:

  • 3 days of climbing
  • Maximum ratio of 1:3
  • Lead Belaying
  • Traditional Protection
  • Using a guide book
  • Climbing calls and communication
  • Building confidence

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Scrambling Skills

scrambling in snowdonia

What level would you like to scramble at?

Introduction to Scrambling or Advanced Scrambling

Intro to Scrambling

scrambling in snowdonia

Get hands on in the mountains and take your days on the hill to new heights! Scrambling in the mountains is a joy when done well. This course requires you to to use your hands but does not require use of a rope.

This course have a maximum ratio of 1:6 and includes:

  • 3 days scrambling
  • Movement skills to make you feel stable, competetant and efficient on scrambling terraine
  • Developing route choice judgements
  • Grade 1 scrambles (e.g. North Ridge of Tryfan/Llech Ddu)
  • Using a guide book
  • Spotting

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Advanced Scrambling

scrambling in snowdonia

This three day course will build on your previous scrambling experience, take you into some wild situations and show you how to protect yourself with simple ropework techniques.

Our course would be ideal for you if you want to prepare for a trip to the Alps, develop skills to move fast through complicated terraine, protect yourself getting off the top of mountain crags or you just want to experience the next level of scrambling.

Day one you'll be part of a group of 4 people going through different ropework techniques and coaching on scrambling movement. The following two days have a maximum ratio of 1:2 ensuring you can put all the skills into practise and get the most out of this scrambling course.

Course includes:

  • 3 days scrambling
  • Scrambling ropework
  • Anchor assessment
  • Movement skills
  • Development of route choice
  • Upto Grade 3 scrambles (e.g. Cneifen Arete)
  • Use of a guide book

Please enquire for dates

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Navigation Skills

Find yourself!

Build your confidence and ability to navigate out on the hill. This course will be taylored to fit with your aims and aspirations and can set you up to navigate wherever it is in the world that you're planning to go.

The course will develop your the ability to:

  • Using a map and compass
  • Understand access issues
  • Choose a great route on the map and on the ground
  • Apply the right navigation technique to a situation (such as timing, pacing, contour interpretation, handrailing etc.)
  • Can include an evening of night navigation to develop your skills and confidence navigating in the dark

Please enquire for dates

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Rock Climbing in Spain

At Easter I work with the Leading Edge Dream team - Sam, Cath and Al, running fantastic 6 day climbing courses out of a luxury villa in Costa Blanca.

We have access to cliffs of all lengths and angles and can climb in the sun or shade depending on how hot it is. April is as reliable as you can possibly get with the weather and it usually has excellent warm, dry conditions. You can be climbing in shorts and T-shirt everyday getting your skills and strength ready for the Summer climbing season in the UK.

Check out the Rock Fax guide to Costa Blanca.

With shared values and pooled resources the courses are going from strength to strength, with a constant focus on tayloring it to the individuals on the course with an uncompromised 1:2 ratio throughout the week. This means you can set and change goals throughout the week as wide ranging as single pitch climbing performance coaching on single pitch crags to mountaineering skills on classic ridges.

Cost £875 (flights not included)

For more information give me call/email or visit Leading Edge's Spanish Rock page

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Rock Climbing in Croatia

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Rock Climbing in Cornwall

One of the very best places to climb in the world.

Cornwall has something to offer everyone - not just the glorious weather, cornish pasties and turquoise water, but also the pristine golden granite. The climbing venues include some stunning single pitch crags perfect either to develop lead climbing skills or for movement coaching. Cornwall can also take you to inspirational multipitch sea cliffs with routes at every level of difficulty.

Courses are either three or five days long and accommodation at Climber's Club Hut "The Count House" can be included. This is a fantastic genuine climbers only bunkhouse full of glorious UK climbing history and happiness. Enough to get you itching to climb. It is a stone's throw away from the world class crag Bosigran.

Courses can be run at a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio if you book privately and would prefer to share the costs.

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Rock Climbing in Snowdonia

The long established rock climbing Mecca of the UK.

It's easy to get caught in the magnetic attraction to Snowdonia National Park. Perfect rock climbing lines, so many different rock types, any grade you could want, mountains, sea cliffs and countless psyched adventure buddies... It can offer whatever outdoor adventure you could dream up - suitable at any level of challenge you desire!

Courses are either three or five days long and accommodation at Plas Curig can be included. This is a boutique hostel based in Capel Curig.

Meeting here allows in the heart of Snowdonia gived us all of the national park as a play ground. This means we have quick access to all options from guided classics in Llanberis pass (steeped in history from when they were first climbed in the early 1900s) to full on adventures up in the rugged mountains in Ogwen valley, introduction to single pitch climbing in the slate quarries, abseiling into sea cliffs on the North Coast of Anglesey or sport climbing in the sun on the Orme.

You could climb here for 50 years and not get bored. Have a glimpse into one small area of the park discussed in this UKC destination guide of climbing in the atmospheric Ogwen.

Courses can be run at a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio if you book privately and would prefer to share the costs.

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Bespoke Rock Climbing Trip

We've travelled around the globe exploring some of the greatest rock climbing destinations. In the last year alone Sally headed to Squamish to get her hands on the incredible multipitch granite crack climbs on the coast, spent a few weeks in Skaha on perfect gneiss sport routes, headed out to New Zealand to explore their world class alpine climbing and of course got back out to Spain for the essential limestone sunshine hit.

If you have an incredible destination/goal in mind but don't know how to get started with logistics or don't know how to keep yourselves save, drop us a line. We are very happy to give you some direction/inspiration or set up a bespoke rock climbing trip for you and join you out there. It's very easy to get us excited about facilitating a new rock climbing trip!

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British Mountaineering Council TV

It's always great fun getting involved in the production of climbing films. Here we had a fun time during filming of Cheque Pictures' film "The Seaside". Watch Sally climbing at her limit a few years ago on the beautiful Cornish sea cliffs.

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